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Dec 27, 2011

Bad Blogger gets coal for X-mas

Dear blogosphere.

I've been a bad blogger - hands down.

bad blogger behavior
I said I would post a few of my favorite New York holiday things. Then I abandoned this blog. 

I spent the ensuing weeks crashing holiday parties and trekking across New York's
boroughs, to drink half a dozen versions of eggnog; non of which had the same name, and all of which had too much rum (does anyone know what CoCito is?) 

I awoke in the spare rooms and couches, of benevolent friends, after long nights of "Merriment." And if that wasn't irresponsible enough, I decided to forgo holiday shopping (for others), instead I packed a suitcase and took off for Europe.

I'd like to take this time to repent with a few photos of Rome. I would tell you that I will post a story about my trip, but I've already proven to be a shady blogger and I apologize now look at the damn pics! 

P.S. There will be an in-depth "Dear Italy" post to follow...because I have some questions..& photos that need explaining!!

The Famous Coliseum
Dear Italy something about being in front of your famous Coliseum made me want to bust out in an 80s' hip-hop stance...and so I did. This legendary battlefield is massive and deserved more than a typical pose. I think i missed the mark but who cares with that background!  P.S. is that lady in back trying to upstage me?

Inside the Vatican just before mass.
Dear Italy you have more churches than the hood has liquor stores. And I am probably going to hell in a hand basket for saying that but I respect your religious swag - keep it holy sohn!

Dear Italy.  I am awed by your churches and the extremely careful way you preserve the memory and remains of your saints in these neat marble tombs......But this just freaked me out!  Of course it's not an actual body but imagine my reaction when I first saw this? And I am not alone. There is a little old Portuguese lady somewhere that is still thoroughly confused. 
Dear Italy your "Line B" classic grafitti train made my day! That's all I have to say about that *Basta*  

Dear Italy, My friend Nilla didn't lie when she said that there is history on every corner of Rome. I am so glad that your public transit system takes this into consideration. For 1 per ticket good for 75minutes you allowed me to blaze through your city on the train or bus until my feet ached! You get 4 stars for easy commuting and another star for being easy on my pockets!   

Dear Italy you showed me your holiday spirit like a champion! and though you are not as over the top and bedazzled as NYC, I appreciated your classic old world charm, intimate back alleys, scenic beauty, blackberry Gelato and Pasta with bacon and eggs ...but you still got some explaining to do! 

Nov 5, 2011

Run New York!! Runnnnnnnn

Vaseline, Salt, and a bit of encouragement goes a long way!
Run new york run!

I have spent the last week watching spandex clad men and women sprinting like runaway slaves through the streets of New York.  Which can only mean one thing! MARATHON TIME!!

And I would like to take this time to reflect on 5 memorable moments from ING New York Marathon which I experienced as a medical volunteer that make me all warm and fuzzy.

  1. Nipples galore: By the time runners reached the 16th mile medical tent all shirts were off.  I enjoyed seeing the well sculpted chest & nipples, quads, calves and BUTTS of men from all over the world from Africa to Asia to Europe in speedos! Yummy
  2. Celebrity Watch - Last year world renowned Ethiopian runner  Hailie Gebreselassie suffered an injury that took him out of the race. And guess whose medical tent he limped into? MINE!  I wasn't tacky enough to ask for his autograph while he writhed in pain - unlike some of my co-volunteers. And the medical physician @ my tent was completely starstruck.  while yours truly was cool as a fan and on the watch for nipples.
  3. Culture Shock: Runners get chaffed in some of the most uncomfy places (including their nipples). So medical volunteers also stand in the road handing out Popsicle sticks with wads of Vaseline on them. However some runners think it's Powerade gel? And well what should have been soothing their crotches winds up being chucked in their mouths and swallowed. Mmm petroleum jelly tasty
  4. Lunch: I am fat girl at heart. The old school brown bags lunches provided are complete with fruit chips and  deli sandwiches. And leftover lunches go with me to the office on Mondays!
  5. Pain in foreign Languages:  How do you say "Help, I'm in severe pain" in Spanish, Italian or French? Simple "Ouch!"While most injuries are sprains,exhaustion, and cramping every now and then you will get something gory. But the language of compassion and comfort is universal and ice packs work wonders too!  

Believe it or not these guys are Marathon runners.
 vision impaired runners compete
annually in the ING

The entire marathon is total Adrenaline rush for onlookers and volunteers who love to amp up the runners with energy.  Almost anyone can sign up to be a volunteer not just medical students. Besides, being a volunteer is a different experience from being an onlooker - and totally worth it.

Good Luck to my co-workers Mark and Roz - can't wait to see you two on Monday! You both are already winners to me!

Oct 28, 2011

That Old Broad is a Lady

Hey New York!

Lady Liberty as a bleached blonde and too much MAC lip gloss?
Did you know that the the oldest broad in NY just turned 125yrs old. The only woman I know that can have hundreds of folks under her skirt daily, and still be considered a lady? (bad attempt @ a dirty joke - sorry to those of you who don't speak American urban street humor further apologies to those of you who see me as misrepresentation of American humor  )  Just look at the pics!

Lady liberty with corn rows and green eyes?

Lady Liberty's back-up dancers and

Small dog that is just as confused
as I am!

Oct 25, 2011


 All I need is an air-matress and place to plug in my flat iron! 
Phot credit: James Fassinger

Tempatures are dropping but DO NOT be surprised when you see insulated tents equipped with heaters pop up in Zucotti Park.

Blankets will be replaced with air-mattresses and insulated sleeping bags. T-shirts will be layered with thermal undies & expensive North Face jackets -but no one will have spent a single dime! 

Acclaimed talk radio station WBAI has decided to give the 99% their own block of air-time beginning on October 26th from 6-7:30 Monday through Friday. Thus giving OWS the media coverage that they are long overdue. 

If you think that the idea of buckling down under a plastic tarp on the cement next to half a dozen other folks in the cold, will deter folks from continuing on with their united front?  Think again mudda-suckas!
According to reports the Zucotti Park clan has a $300,000.00  dowry, a storage space spilling with donated goods, a make-shift soup kitchen and a string of anonymous supporters.

Media mogul Russel Simmons offered to use his own money to clean Zucotti park when the city proposed a clean-up effort that would have forced the protesters out as well as ban them from returning with their gear.

Phot Credit: Diggs NY
So what looks like crazy hippies, hobos & lazy college grads langishing off  their unemployment could actually be the makings of a carefully calculated strategic plan to endure the cold weather. 

What you may be witnessing is the best of the brightest at the helm of what is morphing into well run business - And that looks damn good on a resume.   

Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg and his girlfriend (A director of Brookfield Properties which owns Zucotti park) believed that the cold weather would dismantle the OWS united front?? Mwah haa haa haa (evil throaty-laugh) Fools!

When an NGO pops up dedicated to the Occupy Wall Street  efforts - somebody email me so that I can post a huge  "I TOLD YOU SO" on my next entry... and then get my ass down there for a job!

Oct 11, 2011

Aww Sh*t I Am The 99%

Did someone say available jobs? Run!!!

I ain't trying to be unemployed BUT....
just because I have a "job" now doesn't mean that I won't be standing on the unemployment line in 6 months! Who knows- with the way companies like mine for example have been laying off & outsourcing . And I'm not moving to India to get my job back.

Can you guess who she
is supposed to be?
...when you find out
can someone please tell me

So me and Trish used our lunch break to join the 99% at 59th and 5th ave for the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstration. At first glance there were more cameramen and news reporters than protesters elbowing their way through the crowd. But when the protest  finally got moving it was all about OWS. We marched alongside The Rude Mechanical Orchestra jamming down 5th ave headed towards Rupert Murdoch's penthouse and dodging the NYPD - who looked hungry for some protester blood. We marched to 66th st. then jetted back to the office.

I know I've talked trash about OWS in my last post - I admit it! But I'm broke dammit and I'm just getting "broker!" I don't know about you, but I live paycheck to paycheck like A LOT of folks in America. So whether you believe in the Occupy Wall Street Movement or not, just know that they are out there harassing millionaires at their homes for you broke America! That's right suckers you are the 99%. Yes I may end up on Telemundo, ABC, NBC or BBC - but if anyone asks; I was at my desk the entire time!

"This is the end result of these bankers overplaying their hand. They were already filthy rich. ..filthy rich wasn't rich enough! ...these are professional kleptomaniacs!" 

  - Michael Moore 

More cardboard! More Revolution!

Pimping herself out for honest work. This is what college graduates have been reduced to

You and me both chica!
Yes we are!

Oct 10, 2011

Dance Dillusions of Grandeur

Image courtesy of the internet that allows me to unethically snatch photos.

Okay. So what I'm not a professional dancer. But every Tuesday I pretend be one @  Alvin Ailey dance studios on W 55th st in NYC.
The world renowned dance company opens their doors daily to washed up wanna-bees, and dancers alike! And for the low low price of $17 you can drop in and take a two hour class in all things from ballet and belly dancing, to hip hop.  But beware the place is littered with snooty "company" dancers and pre-madonnas with penises floating around the premises. But it all adds to the ambiance of being at a world renowned dance company.
I like Quenia Ribiero's Samba classes. She is a perky 5ft 2in powerhouse from Bahia who shows you how to "bust-a-mutha-f*ckin-move" Brazilian style.  And for you beginners with no self confidence, no worries - she will gently walk you through gyrating your hips without embarrassing you ( Unlike a certain afro-cuban instructor who's name shall not be named..  La Mora

And to all you grungy backpackers - sign your filthy ass up and join in! They have showers that I guarantee are cleaner than the ones @ your hostel. No gym clothes? No problem! If you don't mind dancing in your jeans, then we don't mind watching you dance in them!

I love this place. And because my self-diagnosed ADHD will not allow me to do controlled exercise at the gym alongside juiced out meatheads like normal people, this my freinds is the perfect alternative.

And to boot, the student showcases held in Manhattan's theater district make you feel like you have a second chance at a career that you'll never..ever, ever have. And that sh*t is chicken soup for the soul.

                                          Quenia Ribeiro's Alvin Ailey student showcase

Oct 3, 2011

What Revolution?

After watching countless video streams and news reports I still cannot figure out in clear terms what kind of "change" the Wall street protesters are trying to bring about -  nor can the New York Times  

Many of the occupiers sound completely belligerent about why the hell they are even there! In the video protesters mention, "winds of change" "collective screaming voice" "bringing about a total revolution" blah blah blah.
What revolution? People are camping out on air mattresses, painting signs and singing Kumbaya. Occupiers have even built their own website.  With all this technical know-how does anyone no how to put together a clear statement of intention? What's your objective?

For example, in Yemen women brought their small children into the streets to protest the killing of a 10 month old toddler. And when  6 & 7 year old children were interviewed, these children articulated clearly and without hesitation what they wanted to accomplish - to prosecute the people responsible for this infants death..Ok got it!

Actually has anyone talked to the people who do have a fundamental reason for being there?
For example are the business owners in that area losing money? Do commuters need and additional 20 minutes to get to work?
And where the heck are these protestors using the bathroom? Is there anyone, ANYONE out there - perhaps a wall street protester or a Yemeni child that can translate in plain English why I should throw my support behind Wall Street occupiers?

Sep 6, 2011

Bumping,Grinding & Bullets

"Why can't we just bump and wind down the damn parkway?

Labor Day Monday marked the 44th anniversary of the *famous* West Indian Day Parade in Crown Heights; Brooklyn, New York.......But guns?

Every Year Canadians and Floridians of Caribbean descent neglect paying their bills to ensure they can afford the trip to New York to take part in this famed event.
Every Year women and men go broke spending hundreds of dollars on elaborate costumes in order to play mas alongside floats representing the greater and lesser Antilles islands.
 Every Year more than 3 million people come out to see the feathered and sequined bikini clad bodies that come grinding down the Eastern Parkway accompanied by some of the most popular reggae & soca artists.
And nearly Every Year someone gets shot.

One news report reads that three people were shot after the parade, four during the parade, and four others including one fatal in East Flatbush. This includes a police officer as well as children and the arrest of a city councilman. 

Several years back the sale or consumption of alcohol was banned from the parade because it only added to the mayhem that ensued with the large crowds. But gun control is a tricky and far more complicated issue

Acts of violence and violent behavior have become a regular part of this famous parade. Not two consecutive years have passed in the last decade where a violent act, usually involving gun play, hasn't occurred. And fatalities aren't that uncommon.  

So why not make this year the last year for the parade and pull the plug on the festivities? Probably because the city of New York would lose the millions of dollars in tourism revenue that the West Indian Day parade earns annually.

So for now parade goers can continue to bask in the revelry - but watch out for those bullets.

Sep 1, 2011

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Robbed Of!

Apartment Share (n ;) When the primary owner of an apartment robs the incoming roommate out of a ridiculous amount of money every month so that the primary owner can get over like a fat rat

 2011 Mermaid Parade on Coney Island
Brooklyn, NY

Yesterday [someone] met an English woman who had come to the U.S. with nothing but her talent in tow.  This English woman followed her dreams of being a singer which led her to the Big Apple. Four years later she has a beautifully decorated condo in NY - that [someone] wanted to rent a room in.  

From the moment they met it was like a roommate love story. They clicked right away. They shared common interests, upbringing a love for socializing, getting occasionally sloppy drunk, museums, live bands and much more.  The two ladies went on a long stroll around the neighborhood at sunset and fell in roommate love while gazing at the Hudson along the Harlem River Drive. [Someone] was even speaking with a newfound British accent by the end of their three hour conversation. 

It would've been like living with a pal - rather two because there was another Britt renting there as well. She visualized the good times the three would share; lazy evenings around the living room, sharing meals and adventures. Getting piss drunk over $4 shots of cheap liquor & laughing obnoxiously over inside jokes. And most importantly, always having someone to talk to and come home to. No more living alone, but living single in a collective.  

 And although the bedroom with its turquoise walls was a tight fit, she quickly realized that her new roommates were everything she wanted and more - less like strangers & more like buddies who wanted to be sure you “phoned” if you were coming home late so they’d know you were safe. And being from a tight-knit suburban family, well, that's just what she needed coming to the big city for the first time - to live and not just commute 9-5.   

But then it happened - they discussed costs.  The incoming renter [someone] knew from the ad on Craig’s list that it was a "Pricey" place. But if she fell in love, she was willing to spend at the top of her budget. So when she found out that it would cost nearly $2300.00 to move in – (2.5 times the monthly rent.) She became nauseous, the turquoise colored room went black and her heart began to break.

 And as fast as she fell in love, she began to fall out just as fast. They both began to realize that their cohabitating dreams were quickly dissolving and that there was little way to salvage their relationship without coughing up $2300.00 in greenbacks.

They returned to the apt. The incoming renter petted the dog goodbye. She told the Englishwoman that she would "Sleep on it" and give her a call the next day. They looked at each other knowingly but promised to stay in touch. They shared an affectionate hug (one that would normally be shared between old friends) And as she walked down the bright red walls of the long hallway she realized that this opportunity may never come again. But  between school fees and day-to-day living she would be broke if she took the room.   

No [someone] is not currently sleeping on park benches in Washington Square Park - although that would be very close to her school. And she did not send an inquiry to the creepy "Cat guy" from the previous post. But she is currently drowning her sorrows with $4 shots of soco-lime and Goldschlager liquer at GROOVE in the west villiage.

Tchau Bambini  

Aug 19, 2011

Why That Doll?

Little subway rider and her baby doll

This little darling was seen holding her black baby doll on the 1 train during the morning commute.  While she was completely indifferent to the judgment being passed around her choice of toys, many heads turned. Everyone including myself was thinking "Why that doll?"

Needless to say some things just can't be ignored because studies have shown that for children of all races, black dolls are one of the very least desired toys on the market. Some may have heard about a documentary called “A Girl Like Me” wherein black children are asked to define beauty using two dolls - a test originated by Dr. Kenneth Clark in the 1950s' after the desegregation of schools. The results were shockingly consistent. However this little girl in the picture defies this and all subsequent case studies. But why?
 It has been said to me that "Racism" is a learned behavior and to learn it one must first be taught. Perhaps our little commuter skipped that class - kudos.

What do you think NY?

Aug 8, 2011

A Long Way From sesame St!

This dude ain't gonna tell you how
to get to
Sesame St!!  

As long as they don't ask for tips
the entire histle is LEGAL
They stand on corners watching tourists from behind the faces of fuzzy costumes. They wave at your children, and lure them in for a photo. As doting parents whip out cameras, Elmo gently thrusts a "Tips" pouch at the camera lens to kindly let you know the photo ain't free. These hustlers have made themselves a "Paid" part of the NYC Times Square experience. Showing us another fine example of how to earn tax-free dollars. And isn't it worth $5 to see your kiddies smile?? 
But actually these guys can rack up hundreds a day from Donations. "Sometimes I change in ATM’s." says this Elmo found on Broadway & 41st.  Dozens costume clad men are legally pilfering through the pockets of NYC tourists in Times Square. And technically they are not soliciting if they are not verbally asking for money - they are simply public performers.

To purchase your own Elmo, Sponge Bob, Mickey, or Spider man costumes go to sights like: http://www.partysaver.com/  and http://www.thefunones.com/  look for the "Friendly Red Monster" costume.  And for around 41.99 you too can have your very own tax free hustle.

Jul 5, 2011

If These Floors Could Talk

She sat shoveling White Castle cheese fries down her throat while riding the F train uptown from Delancy St. It wasn't until she leaned over to pick up her soda cup off the subway car floor that I realized she was more than hungry - she was clearly out of her mind. 

They can run up to 35 mph, can jump two feet high, require only one ounce of food per day and can spread up to 35 diseases worldwide. Superman ain't got nuthin on them. Yes I am talking about NYC's fastest breeding residents - Rats. They also ride the same trains as thousands of New Yorkers daily.

Subways are so infested with these cuddly Bubonic Plague carriers because New Yorkers are generous with their leftovers. In NYC millions of rats scour platforms, train cars and subway tracks feeding on a smorgasbord of garbage discarded by people like our White Castles friend. 

Subway surfaces are Petri dishes full of rodent urine and fecal dust that you could be unknowingly bringing home to the dinner table. This dust stays trapped in subway stations marinating on the floors of train cars right under your messenger bag that Whole Foods bag of expensive organic goodies and of course that refreshing White Castle soda cup. All of which you will likely be tossing on food preparation surfaces like tables and kitchen counters in the comfort of your clean cozy homes - enjoy!

Jul 4, 2011

Salsa Legend - Upstaged

This entry was supposed to be about Salsa legend Jose Alberto "EL Canario"  He was seen in Times Square producing a segment with television personalities, for what may have been Univision or Telemundo.  With 19 solo albums and a career spanning more than three decades, this Dominican superstar used his melodic set of pipes to promote his new album.  But El Canario was upstaged by the spotlight-stealing body of "El Bombshell" (we'll call her for lack of a known name)

Her body type is what the girls in Washington Heights would call "Done" which simply means that all the voluptuousness you see was achieved with a little help from a very talented surgeon.

  One afternoon while getting my hair spanked out in a Bronx salon, I noticed  a four page pamphlet rotating around the salon. When it got passed to me I was shocked - yet intrigued. This little pamphlet illustrated how easily I could re-vamp the look of my most private "Female" part. And with a variety of choices for the "New look” it would only cost - let's just say a couple of months of New York rent would cover it. But there was just one catch - the surgeon is in Dominican Republic.  It may be no secret that many women do make this trip because needless to say as with most cosmetic surgeries, that type of operation could cost thousands more if done in the U.S.
"Hey I'm not going to tell Nikki Minaj that I don't want her because she's had her butt done," says my hunky and honest companion over Margaritas. In a culture which reveres beauty at most any age, cosmetic surgery has become a social norm and hopping on a plane to make it more affordable isn’t a taboo. It’s chic.

Apr 1, 2011

Protest Rhythm & Blues

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra gets sweaty in Times Square


Who doesn't love a marching band? 

 Being crammed into a dusty concert hall is not this orchestra's idea of a performance. With instruments in tow these self proclaimed anarchists trek from one needy organization to another providing background beats for feminist, queer, & labor rights protest groups to name a few.

And what radical or progressive group doesn't need a Balls to the wall marching band to turn an angry protest into a parade?
banging out hits like Beyonce's "Crazy in Love"  and  Salt N Pepa's "Push It" while they break dance and drop it like its hot - this is definitely not your ordinary chamber orchestra.
"We are New York's political protest band," says Matt, a tuba player for Rude Mechanical Orchestra. As their business card says, they pay homage to the revolutionary role that music has played throughout history.....but with a little fortified "Stank" on it!  Play on players, play on!

Mar 17, 2011

Welcome Sham-rock

Armed and ready in Time Squ. NYC 
 Indeed Irish eyes will be smiling on NYC's St Patrick's Day parade today. And if you are like many, then you probably associate St. Patricks Day celebrations with the drunken debauchery of normal respectable folks - accesorized in an array of green. These parade goers partake in what would likely be considered public indecency on any other day of the year - but not today!
These boys are the real deal - Irish!
I checked their accents! 
The parade celebrating the patron saint of Ireland has been and continues to be an NYC tradition.  And of course the St Patrick's cathedral on 5th ave will be on the parade route. The parade will start-up on 44th street @ 11am and will end at 79th St in the late afternoon.

Of course I "Shamrock" New York
A retired New Jersey cop says,"St Patrick's Day is a mess and the girls usually behave the worst!"
So New York, you have all day to grab a six pack at Duane Reade and take part in the festivities.  And watch out for the police on display in the parade - because they are sure to be working post  parade - when the real celebration begins.

Feb 14, 2011

Every Doll Needs A Ken

A ken Doll for all Seasons

When asked their names, these dudes answered,
"Ken, Ken & Ken."

Did you know that Ken & Barbie are on again? Well apparently after a six year break-up, the pair Made in toy heaven are once again an item (but still sold seperately) So after more than 3 decades of a glamerous lover affair, is Ken finally gonna Put a ring on it?  "Well no," says Liz from the Barbie campaign in Times Square. Proving that even plastic women suffer the same drama as the rest of us. However until 7pm today, you can come to Times Sq. and have your pic taken with the latest additions to the Ken line of dolls for Valentines Day. The real life models are boxed for purchase...but not for sale!  

Feb 10, 2011


Furrrocious...is that a word?
Can someone tell me where the funeral is being held for the animal that died tragically to make this outfit??   There is a person underneath all that purple fur. And he called himself Marco Polo - Who knows where he bought this ensemble, but what was the cashier  thinking when Marco said, "...And I'll take the leg warmers too!"

On 44th & 7th ave he finishes his phone call and poses for the camera. "Did you get the leg warmers, you gotta get the leg warmers," says Marco.
This outfit is the result of two fur coats being cut and stitched together.  The leg warmers are actually the sleeves from coat #2 and the hat is left over material. The rest of this coat was turned into a vest for his wife....so as it turns out, it is a "His" and "Hers" ensemble. And just in case you were wondering, he has several more.

Feb 2, 2011

International Eye Candy!

Tyler, Erika & Maneula shop till they drop - or freeze!

That's Italian for  "Fuggedaboudit!"
 G'day Mates!

It's a balmy 23 degrees in NYC and while a saucy Aussie name Tyler exchanges cameras and photo- ops with Italian bombshells Erica and Maneula, I think to myself,  "Jeesh do all tourists look this friggin good!?"

While a massive cyclone prepares to ravage his native Australlia, Tyler will be taking in a Broadway play in the Big Apple "Tonight I am going to see The Lion King," says Tyler. He's he been trekking his way through SoHo, Greenwich Village, and of course what would Manhattan shopping be without going broke on 5th ave. Speaking of spending sprees - Maneula and Erica returning from Macy's confirm my suspicion that indeed Louis Vuitton bags are cheaper in Italy and from the looks of things they will be doing quite a bit of shopping for the remainder of their visit.

Ciao Bambini!

Jan 19, 2011

The Graveyard Shift

Brooklyn's finest working hard

They say the city never sleeps. But for Kenneth, Mitchell and Dumar, that's precisely what they are  ready to do.” No we're not tourists, we’re from Brooklyn" says Dumar. At 8 a.m. standing in the middle of Times Square, these three are just ending the night shift at McDonalds on 42cd st. "We work the night shift cleaning and restocking," says Kenneth "we're just getting off of work!"  

Jan 14, 2011

Subway Entertainers

entertainment while you ride

carrying around a song and an instrument 
The subway systems in New York are never short on talent. For less than three dollars, you can take in all the talent that Broadway missed. Lunchtime on the #1 train offers a variety of mariachi bands in full costume. They jump into one subway car, belt out a quick tune, pass around the "tips" hat. They hop off at the next stop to switch subway cars or simply switch trains.
Break dancing is also still alive and popular underground. 

On the A train uptown, adolescent boys break back-flips, floor spins and pop-lock; bringing back the dance styles that appeal to many 80s' babies. It's a much needed break from the typical alleged homeless persons making appeals to your your wallet. One might wonder about the legal status of some of these performers in the concrete jungle, yet they have figured out a way to use what they've got to get what they want - the definition of a hustle. And like the saying goes, if you can make it here... well you know the rest!