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Feb 14, 2011

Every Doll Needs A Ken

A ken Doll for all Seasons

When asked their names, these dudes answered,
"Ken, Ken & Ken."

Did you know that Ken & Barbie are on again? Well apparently after a six year break-up, the pair Made in toy heaven are once again an item (but still sold seperately) So after more than 3 decades of a glamerous lover affair, is Ken finally gonna Put a ring on it?  "Well no," says Liz from the Barbie campaign in Times Square. Proving that even plastic women suffer the same drama as the rest of us. However until 7pm today, you can come to Times Sq. and have your pic taken with the latest additions to the Ken line of dolls for Valentines Day. The real life models are boxed for purchase...but not for sale!  

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