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Aug 5, 2012

Where The Hell Is New York Going?

If what you see is a man that infuriates you because he makes tax free money by hustling tourists -
then you are probably an overworked New Yorker that needs a vacation.

.....Yes comfortable yet unpretentious.

These are two words that you never...ever....ever hear used to describe The Empire State. And that's likely at the core of why so many tourists flood New York City streets on holiday, while  residents flee to anyplace that is the total opposite of New York.

So New York, where the hell do you go for vacation?

Times Sq. - All packed up and no where to go?
Many Nyers begin to feel this way and opt for short trips outside of New York for a much needed change of scenery

CBS news reported that between 2000-2010 NYC lost more than 3.4 million residents due largely to tax inflation. And many of them moved to Florida. But how many of those people were just disenfranchised New Yorkers who'd had enough of swinging on vines in the concrete jungle?
One wonders, could this mass exodus have been avoided by simply traveling more for vacation?

Escape to Central Park.
A green space where New York goes to connect with nature and like it or not
with thousands of other NYers.

Readers know that I move mountains to flee New York for vacation. And I dont even live here! This city is ratchet. Therefore any opportunity to temporarily change your surroundings should be taken very seriously.  Even as a 9-5er, NYC is a continuous sensory overload.  It's a circus where you begin to feel like an underpaid clown jumping out of a Volks Wagon Beetle (aka commuter transit buses and trains)
 Need to pass out? Don't care who's watching? 
You know it's time to go, when parks become vacation destinations.
I hope he doesn't leave with anything he didn't come with, and everything he did come with will hopefully still be there.

But again I live in the suburbs where i enjoy a yard full of various birds that come to snack on the unidentified berry tree in the yard and various woodland creatures roam the bushes amidst the cry of crickets. A city where silence is sound and the neighbors invite you over for chili and a dip in their pool. Where grass and trees are not limited solely to dedicated green spaces. And the taxes are considerably lower.  Yea I like that ish.

Leaving the nest
Baby Red-breasted Robin in the yard out for a flying lesson.
I nearly got pecked to death by his mother and for good reason.

Could it be the limited 14 day vacations. or is it the $1500 in rent? Figure if you make $50k taxed at around 22% (or whatever they drain your for in NY) plus the daily cost of living in NY and you can pretty much conclude that New York is broke.

Interestingly, an Internet search of  New York travel agencies returned more than 2000 results. There are even specialty agencies geared for students, back-packers, luxury and LGBT travelers. Want an agency that specializes in Asian meditations retreats, or babymoon destinations for expecting parents or perhaps Safaris in Botswana - well we got that!  And with so many agencies willing to work within almost any budget, again one begins to wonder:

 "Where the hell is New York  going on vacation?"

I tried over a dozen combos of that phrase on an Internet search and you know what i found? Nothing!
Every returned search was an advisory of what travelers to New York should do. But nothing on where the city residents go to relax and recoup. I know they vacate. You have to or you might end up looking like this and working at Ripley's Believe It Or Not on 42cd street.

What a nice guy he allowed me to take his pic.
But then again when you look like this i guess this kind of request is normal?

Yes living and/or working here can make you do strange things. It will have you in purple velvet sweat pants and a dinner jacket doing the "I need a vacation dance" like this...

Hell, you might begin seeing strange illusions, like men parading around in their tighty-whiteys with cowboy hats and holding paper dolls.  I mean sh*t can get wild here.  Eventually, you stop wondering if you're mind is playing tricks on you and just accept that you've become a character in a never ending version of The Greatest Show on Earth.

The naked cowboy shows a Flat Stanley how he gets all the ladies

If you become enraged instead of fascinated at the sight of celebrity athletes doing a cookie promo during a news segment, because the gathering crowd slows down your commute to a cubicle at 8 in the morning. Then you probably  need to find a travel agent.......

Venus Williams and Shaquile O'Neal makes chomping on cookies with unidentifiable
cream more interesting...but it still ain't healthful.

.....And please find one fast before you become a statistic.

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