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Aug 14, 2012

All In A Day's Work?

I walk 10 ten blocks to work everyday. Regardless of the weather.  I do this in order to offset the potential damage to my figure from sitting on my ass all fuggin day. 

I'm no health fanatic, I just have no money to buy the next dress size up or to spend on a gym membership that i will never use.  But the real truth is that my self diagnosed ADHD would wreak pure havoc on me and scare the sh*t out of my coworkers if I didn't exercise off this manic energy. 

Cue the New York City streets - There is typically so much activity on my route that I am completely calm by the time I hit my cubicle -  no meds necessary. And here's why.

I might miss three time Olympic Gold medal winner Misty-May Treanor
showing off her bling for me.

 I mean where else can I see three time Olympic Gold medalists strolling the street of NYC looking flawless before 8a.m?  And of course the teenage dream-team. I imagine they go back to highschool and say things like,  "Yeah but did you win an Olympic gold medal over the summer, becasue I did bishes!"   

The American Gymnastic teen-age dream team.
  The eldest member is only 18yrs old. 

And if that's not enough for you. Then I'll just get my side burns trimmed by  celebrity stylist Tabitha Coffey, while she curses me out about just how fuggin filthy American hair salons are?

 Australian hairstylist, salon owner, and television personality Tabitha Coffey
 takes her skills to the streets of NYC

Or Robert Pattison talking about cereal and unfaithful girlfriends
 during a morning interview?

And if if you're still not impressed, well dammit, might I add that we shut streets down so that woman in scantily clad bathing suits  can dance with santa-fugging-claus! That's right kids we've got Christmas, in the summer, in New York City!

 Soooo what!  No one really cares that it's the middle of August and Santa Claus has on that hot azz suit in 85 degree weather. When you are one of the baddest cities on the planet you set trends you don't follow them. Hell, you can even make it snow!  Yes, that is snow blowing off the top of Radio City Music Hall.

Santa Claus flanked by the world famous rockette on 6th Ave.
And they manage to whip up some Santa hats for about 40 school kids? Damn we got juice sohn! 

  So while I sometimes get nauseous and enraged at the amount of tourists that I must elbow through, (and sometimes gut punch). Add that to the number of homeless people and city workers that I step over. Plus the thousands of people & moving traffic I dodge through daily, en route to work. And I can tell you that  New York city streets, at times, really is the best medicine


  1. Wow Misty-May Treanor, she was on John Stewart tonight. Was she as tall in person as she appeared on the show?

  2. She is a "Tall drink of water" gotta be at least 5ft 10in


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