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Mar 17, 2011

Welcome Sham-rock

Armed and ready in Time Squ. NYC 
 Indeed Irish eyes will be smiling on NYC's St Patrick's Day parade today. And if you are like many, then you probably associate St. Patricks Day celebrations with the drunken debauchery of normal respectable folks - accesorized in an array of green. These parade goers partake in what would likely be considered public indecency on any other day of the year - but not today!
These boys are the real deal - Irish!
I checked their accents! 
The parade celebrating the patron saint of Ireland has been and continues to be an NYC tradition.  And of course the St Patrick's cathedral on 5th ave will be on the parade route. The parade will start-up on 44th street @ 11am and will end at 79th St in the late afternoon.

Of course I "Shamrock" New York
A retired New Jersey cop says,"St Patrick's Day is a mess and the girls usually behave the worst!"
So New York, you have all day to grab a six pack at Duane Reade and take part in the festivities.  And watch out for the police on display in the parade - because they are sure to be working post  parade - when the real celebration begins.