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May 29, 2012

Harlem World USA - Street-togging

There are very few parts of New York City which haven't been exploited and infested by tourism.  But the heart of New York neighborhoods can never be captured by a city sights tour bus full of camera-clad visitors. 

The people make make these neighborhoods what they are. So let me show you sides of this city they'll never capture using some stealth & street photography.

Next Stop Central Park

See me, love me, call me.

Harlem men aren't shy. They will gladly show you the goods in exchange for your phone number.

The Stoop

You need this girl

To keep you cornrows tight

St Nicholas Ave

A Job is a job

Beautiful Ballerina

Someone to play with

Everybody loves a star ...fresh from the salon

Fredrick Douglas Blvd & Friends


Man's Best friend In Any Shape Or Size



Catching up with the neighbors

Brick & Mortar - Harlem's historical Brownstones


How many of us wish we could walk down the street in our underwear munching our favorite snacks
without anyone batting an eye.

She needs me

Caught this cutie while headed to Washington Heights. Her mom was completely ok with the photo
being taken. This kid's body language is what stopped me. It looks like she is saying "I'm comfy in the skin I'm in "

Concrete Jungle and Flavored Ice

The Barbershop


Muslim girls in a material world

Brick And Mortar II

African Hair  Braiders

May 23, 2012

Dancing With The Stars - In Times Square

DWTS champion Donald Driver proves that football players can win popularity as well as dance contests.

OK So I didn't actually tango with Season 14 champions but I drooled heavily watching Donald Driver and William Levy strut out of the Good Day America studios for a little face time with the fans. Public relations people hyped up the crowd and the champs rolled in looking fabulous at 7am. And I took to snapping up photos with the stealth of a paparazzi - enjoy!

Peta Murgatroyd and Katherine Jenkins share some girl talk

Petra: Girl, did you see William's extra-medium T-shirt?
Katherine: No girl, I'm still trying to figure out what happened to Donald's middle finger

Dear William:  Your dance moves my not be flawless but that's only because your smile melted the dance floor. Therefore you had an unfair disadvantage.  

Donald: Oh-ma-gawd I just realized I forgot to turn the stove off!!!