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Dec 27, 2011

Bad Blogger gets coal for X-mas

Dear blogosphere.

I've been a bad blogger - hands down.

bad blogger behavior
I said I would post a few of my favorite New York holiday things. Then I abandoned this blog. 

I spent the ensuing weeks crashing holiday parties and trekking across New York's
boroughs, to drink half a dozen versions of eggnog; non of which had the same name, and all of which had too much rum (does anyone know what CoCito is?) 

I awoke in the spare rooms and couches, of benevolent friends, after long nights of "Merriment." And if that wasn't irresponsible enough, I decided to forgo holiday shopping (for others), instead I packed a suitcase and took off for Europe.

I'd like to take this time to repent with a few photos of Rome. I would tell you that I will post a story about my trip, but I've already proven to be a shady blogger and I apologize now look at the damn pics! 

P.S. There will be an in-depth "Dear Italy" post to follow...because I have some questions..& photos that need explaining!!

The Famous Coliseum
Dear Italy something about being in front of your famous Coliseum made me want to bust out in an 80s' hip-hop stance...and so I did. This legendary battlefield is massive and deserved more than a typical pose. I think i missed the mark but who cares with that background!  P.S. is that lady in back trying to upstage me?

Inside the Vatican just before mass.
Dear Italy you have more churches than the hood has liquor stores. And I am probably going to hell in a hand basket for saying that but I respect your religious swag - keep it holy sohn!

Dear Italy.  I am awed by your churches and the extremely careful way you preserve the memory and remains of your saints in these neat marble tombs......But this just freaked me out!  Of course it's not an actual body but imagine my reaction when I first saw this? And I am not alone. There is a little old Portuguese lady somewhere that is still thoroughly confused. 
Dear Italy your "Line B" classic grafitti train made my day! That's all I have to say about that *Basta*  

Dear Italy, My friend Nilla didn't lie when she said that there is history on every corner of Rome. I am so glad that your public transit system takes this into consideration. For 1 per ticket good for 75minutes you allowed me to blaze through your city on the train or bus until my feet ached! You get 4 stars for easy commuting and another star for being easy on my pockets!   

Dear Italy you showed me your holiday spirit like a champion! and though you are not as over the top and bedazzled as NYC, I appreciated your classic old world charm, intimate back alleys, scenic beauty, blackberry Gelato and Pasta with bacon and eggs ...but you still got some explaining to do!