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Aug 21, 2012

Ballers, Big Mouths and Makeovers?

New York Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire makes his rounds in New York 

I  hope the way Amare effortlessly spins that ball is some indication of the new moves veteran player Hakeem Olajuwon taught him out on Hakeem's ranch in Katy, Tex.  Although we're looking forward to Amare having a better season, he came to NYC to promote his new children's book “STAT: Home Court. The book is geared towards teaching children about handling bullies using your wits..

And speaking of bullies........

Wendy Williams

Yea, well, she's not such a bully. Perhaps motherhood, age and the improved quality of lace-front wigs has softened this radio and TV personality who is famous for her big-mouthed tell-all personality. No matter Wendy, you've kept it real with us and we'll continue to support you and those midgets that you're smuggling in your dress. - you are my friend in my head.

 And let's not not forget the Chris Powell, fitness expert and the trainer on NBC Extreme Makeover
helped Jervez Hall "Bring sexy back" by shedding 280 pounds.  The fact that Chris is extremely easy on the eyes, is an extreme motivator. Who wouldn't do squats for that smile?

Chris Powell flashes his expert smile.

Robin, Chris and Jervez

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