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Feb 10, 2011


Furrrocious...is that a word?
Can someone tell me where the funeral is being held for the animal that died tragically to make this outfit??   There is a person underneath all that purple fur. And he called himself Marco Polo - Who knows where he bought this ensemble, but what was the cashier  thinking when Marco said, "...And I'll take the leg warmers too!"

On 44th & 7th ave he finishes his phone call and poses for the camera. "Did you get the leg warmers, you gotta get the leg warmers," says Marco.
This outfit is the result of two fur coats being cut and stitched together.  The leg warmers are actually the sleeves from coat #2 and the hat is left over material. The rest of this coat was turned into a vest for his wife....so as it turns out, it is a "His" and "Hers" ensemble. And just in case you were wondering, he has several more.

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