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Feb 2, 2011

International Eye Candy!

Tyler, Erika & Maneula shop till they drop - or freeze!

That's Italian for  "Fuggedaboudit!"
 G'day Mates!

It's a balmy 23 degrees in NYC and while a saucy Aussie name Tyler exchanges cameras and photo- ops with Italian bombshells Erica and Maneula, I think to myself,  "Jeesh do all tourists look this friggin good!?"

While a massive cyclone prepares to ravage his native Australlia, Tyler will be taking in a Broadway play in the Big Apple "Tonight I am going to see The Lion King," says Tyler. He's he been trekking his way through SoHo, Greenwich Village, and of course what would Manhattan shopping be without going broke on 5th ave. Speaking of spending sprees - Maneula and Erica returning from Macy's confirm my suspicion that indeed Louis Vuitton bags are cheaper in Italy and from the looks of things they will be doing quite a bit of shopping for the remainder of their visit.

Ciao Bambini!

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