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Jul 4, 2011

Salsa Legend - Upstaged

This entry was supposed to be about Salsa legend Jose Alberto "EL Canario"  He was seen in Times Square producing a segment with television personalities, for what may have been Univision or Telemundo.  With 19 solo albums and a career spanning more than three decades, this Dominican superstar used his melodic set of pipes to promote his new album.  But El Canario was upstaged by the spotlight-stealing body of "El Bombshell" (we'll call her for lack of a known name)

Her body type is what the girls in Washington Heights would call "Done" which simply means that all the voluptuousness you see was achieved with a little help from a very talented surgeon.

  One afternoon while getting my hair spanked out in a Bronx salon, I noticed  a four page pamphlet rotating around the salon. When it got passed to me I was shocked - yet intrigued. This little pamphlet illustrated how easily I could re-vamp the look of my most private "Female" part. And with a variety of choices for the "New look” it would only cost - let's just say a couple of months of New York rent would cover it. But there was just one catch - the surgeon is in Dominican Republic.  It may be no secret that many women do make this trip because needless to say as with most cosmetic surgeries, that type of operation could cost thousands more if done in the U.S.
"Hey I'm not going to tell Nikki Minaj that I don't want her because she's had her butt done," says my hunky and honest companion over Margaritas. In a culture which reveres beauty at most any age, cosmetic surgery has become a social norm and hopping on a plane to make it more affordable isn’t a taboo. It’s chic.

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