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Jul 5, 2011

If These Floors Could Talk

She sat shoveling White Castle cheese fries down her throat while riding the F train uptown from Delancy St. It wasn't until she leaned over to pick up her soda cup off the subway car floor that I realized she was more than hungry - she was clearly out of her mind. 

They can run up to 35 mph, can jump two feet high, require only one ounce of food per day and can spread up to 35 diseases worldwide. Superman ain't got nuthin on them. Yes I am talking about NYC's fastest breeding residents - Rats. They also ride the same trains as thousands of New Yorkers daily.

Subways are so infested with these cuddly Bubonic Plague carriers because New Yorkers are generous with their leftovers. In NYC millions of rats scour platforms, train cars and subway tracks feeding on a smorgasbord of garbage discarded by people like our White Castles friend. 

Subway surfaces are Petri dishes full of rodent urine and fecal dust that you could be unknowingly bringing home to the dinner table. This dust stays trapped in subway stations marinating on the floors of train cars right under your messenger bag that Whole Foods bag of expensive organic goodies and of course that refreshing White Castle soda cup. All of which you will likely be tossing on food preparation surfaces like tables and kitchen counters in the comfort of your clean cozy homes - enjoy!

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