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Aug 8, 2011

A Long Way From sesame St!

This dude ain't gonna tell you how
to get to
Sesame St!!  

As long as they don't ask for tips
the entire histle is LEGAL
They stand on corners watching tourists from behind the faces of fuzzy costumes. They wave at your children, and lure them in for a photo. As doting parents whip out cameras, Elmo gently thrusts a "Tips" pouch at the camera lens to kindly let you know the photo ain't free. These hustlers have made themselves a "Paid" part of the NYC Times Square experience. Showing us another fine example of how to earn tax-free dollars. And isn't it worth $5 to see your kiddies smile?? 
But actually these guys can rack up hundreds a day from Donations. "Sometimes I change in ATM’s." says this Elmo found on Broadway & 41st.  Dozens costume clad men are legally pilfering through the pockets of NYC tourists in Times Square. And technically they are not soliciting if they are not verbally asking for money - they are simply public performers.

To purchase your own Elmo, Sponge Bob, Mickey, or Spider man costumes go to sights like: http://www.partysaver.com/  and http://www.thefunones.com/  look for the "Friendly Red Monster" costume.  And for around 41.99 you too can have your very own tax free hustle.

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