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Jan 14, 2011

Subway Entertainers

entertainment while you ride

carrying around a song and an instrument 
The subway systems in New York are never short on talent. For less than three dollars, you can take in all the talent that Broadway missed. Lunchtime on the #1 train offers a variety of mariachi bands in full costume. They jump into one subway car, belt out a quick tune, pass around the "tips" hat. They hop off at the next stop to switch subway cars or simply switch trains.
Break dancing is also still alive and popular underground. 

On the A train uptown, adolescent boys break back-flips, floor spins and pop-lock; bringing back the dance styles that appeal to many 80s' babies. It's a much needed break from the typical alleged homeless persons making appeals to your your wallet. One might wonder about the legal status of some of these performers in the concrete jungle, yet they have figured out a way to use what they've got to get what they want - the definition of a hustle. And like the saying goes, if you can make it here... well you know the rest!


  1. Someone should check out this site www.subwayentertainers.org. They can perform leagally and get a prize. Pass the word

    1. Thanks for the tip Chris -$2000 grand prize! This sounds promising.

      Initial auditions are free. If you're called for a 2cd audtion there's a $30 resitration fee per person which doesn't garauntee a spot BUT who knows,talent scouts do come to auditions. So it's still a win/win...Consider the "Word" PASSED!



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