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Jan 10, 2011

New York's Theme Park

The tax-free way to earn a living

a catchy get-up
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It is 5:15 pm rush hour - suits and skirts flood the streets of midtown Manhattan speed walking to buses, trains children but more so to get the heck out of Times Sq. Manhattan is so congested with tourism hawkers and hustlers that it has become the veritable thorn in the ass of native New Yorkers. If I was ever to lose my job in corporate America, I could always work as an independent tour guide in Times Square," says Elsa Zapata of Bronx NY.  Places like midtown Manhattan’s Times Square have become a full fledged theme park complete with horses, naked cowboys and characters selling you all things from Obama condoms to Broadway tickets to hugs?  “Times Square - unless you work or have business there then you know better than to go through there,” says New Yorker Phil Grant. Let's not forget the tour guides who juggle tickets to and from tourists. International travelers – have you ever attempted to buy a tour bus ticket from a person that speaks less English than you?  It’s a mesmerizing feat to watch.So how can you distinguish a tourist from 

#3 of the most popular tourist photo-ops
 a resident  New Yorker? "You can always spot a tourist, just look at the way they are dressed they try too hard," says Revaz Gogiya of Coney Island. Only in Manhattan can u turn a dusty Disney costume into a tax free career. Just ask any number of the Elmos, Sponge Bob or Mickey Mouse costume-clad persons traipsing
6th avenue
as they lure your children in for a photo-op but not before you drop a crisp dollar bill into their sock!
  However fear not these camera clad out of state gawkers. For there are still a few cool bits of the big apple left to salvage for those of you in a New York State of mind. But I'm not telling. Let tourism take over Manhattan. There are still four other perfectly fascinating boroughs still relatively out of their jurisdiction - for now.

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