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Oct 3, 2011

What Revolution?

After watching countless video streams and news reports I still cannot figure out in clear terms what kind of "change" the Wall street protesters are trying to bring about -  nor can the New York Times  

Many of the occupiers sound completely belligerent about why the hell they are even there! In the video protesters mention, "winds of change" "collective screaming voice" "bringing about a total revolution" blah blah blah.
What revolution? People are camping out on air mattresses, painting signs and singing Kumbaya. Occupiers have even built their own website.  With all this technical know-how does anyone no how to put together a clear statement of intention? What's your objective?

For example, in Yemen women brought their small children into the streets to protest the killing of a 10 month old toddler. And when  6 & 7 year old children were interviewed, these children articulated clearly and without hesitation what they wanted to accomplish - to prosecute the people responsible for this infants death..Ok got it!

Actually has anyone talked to the people who do have a fundamental reason for being there?
For example are the business owners in that area losing money? Do commuters need and additional 20 minutes to get to work?
And where the heck are these protestors using the bathroom? Is there anyone, ANYONE out there - perhaps a wall street protester or a Yemeni child that can translate in plain English why I should throw my support behind Wall Street occupiers?


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  2. I am no expert, but it is fundamentally clear to me why the Wall street protesters have occupy Wall street. For starters, one, stiff regulations of Wall street. Two, the need for government to go back to being for the people, by the people and not for lobbyist sent by huge corporations to influence regulations and protection for the consumers. Three, to send a message to big banks that we have bailed them out, now it's time for them to bail us out. And that does not mean keeping huge reserves in their account with the FED RES which does not (contrary to belief) trickle down to the people who need it to fund their dreams of one day owning a small business or first time home and of one day sending their kid to college. Finally, last but not least to have individuals and corporations pay their equal fair share of taxes so our government can invest in building or rebuilding the bridges and roads that provides steady jobs to a lot of people. Lastly and certainly not least, so our government won't bankrupt social security, because in thirty years when you and I are ready to retire, we will lose. I could say more, but like I said, this is for starters.


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