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Oct 25, 2011


 All I need is an air-matress and place to plug in my flat iron! 
Phot credit: James Fassinger

Tempatures are dropping but DO NOT be surprised when you see insulated tents equipped with heaters pop up in Zucotti Park.

Blankets will be replaced with air-mattresses and insulated sleeping bags. T-shirts will be layered with thermal undies & expensive North Face jackets -but no one will have spent a single dime! 

Acclaimed talk radio station WBAI has decided to give the 99% their own block of air-time beginning on October 26th from 6-7:30 Monday through Friday. Thus giving OWS the media coverage that they are long overdue. 

If you think that the idea of buckling down under a plastic tarp on the cement next to half a dozen other folks in the cold, will deter folks from continuing on with their united front?  Think again mudda-suckas!
According to reports the Zucotti Park clan has a $300,000.00  dowry, a storage space spilling with donated goods, a make-shift soup kitchen and a string of anonymous supporters.

Media mogul Russel Simmons offered to use his own money to clean Zucotti park when the city proposed a clean-up effort that would have forced the protesters out as well as ban them from returning with their gear.

Phot Credit: Diggs NY
So what looks like crazy hippies, hobos & lazy college grads langishing off  their unemployment could actually be the makings of a carefully calculated strategic plan to endure the cold weather. 

What you may be witnessing is the best of the brightest at the helm of what is morphing into well run business - And that looks damn good on a resume.   

Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg and his girlfriend (A director of Brookfield Properties which owns Zucotti park) believed that the cold weather would dismantle the OWS united front?? Mwah haa haa haa (evil throaty-laugh) Fools!

When an NGO pops up dedicated to the Occupy Wall Street  efforts - somebody email me so that I can post a huge  "I TOLD YOU SO" on my next entry... and then get my ass down there for a job!

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