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Oct 28, 2011

That Old Broad is a Lady

Hey New York!

Lady Liberty as a bleached blonde and too much MAC lip gloss?
Did you know that the the oldest broad in NY just turned 125yrs old. The only woman I know that can have hundreds of folks under her skirt daily, and still be considered a lady? (bad attempt @ a dirty joke - sorry to those of you who don't speak American urban street humor further apologies to those of you who see me as misrepresentation of American humor  )  Just look at the pics!

Lady liberty with corn rows and green eyes?

Lady Liberty's back-up dancers and

Small dog that is just as confused
as I am!


  1. Nice pics of lady liberty!

  2. Those are fascinating pix. Happy Birthday to Lady Liberty!

  3. @ Oneika - I tried to snap all the variations - excluding the middle-aged man w/ a moustache dressed up as lady liberty HA!

    @ Fly Girl - Thanks so glad u like!


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