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Nov 5, 2011

Run New York!! Runnnnnnnn

Vaseline, Salt, and a bit of encouragement goes a long way!
Run new york run!

I have spent the last week watching spandex clad men and women sprinting like runaway slaves through the streets of New York.  Which can only mean one thing! MARATHON TIME!!

And I would like to take this time to reflect on 5 memorable moments from ING New York Marathon which I experienced as a medical volunteer that make me all warm and fuzzy.

  1. Nipples galore: By the time runners reached the 16th mile medical tent all shirts were off.  I enjoyed seeing the well sculpted chest & nipples, quads, calves and BUTTS of men from all over the world from Africa to Asia to Europe in speedos! Yummy
  2. Celebrity Watch - Last year world renowned Ethiopian runner  Hailie Gebreselassie suffered an injury that took him out of the race. And guess whose medical tent he limped into? MINE!  I wasn't tacky enough to ask for his autograph while he writhed in pain - unlike some of my co-volunteers. And the medical physician @ my tent was completely starstruck.  while yours truly was cool as a fan and on the watch for nipples.
  3. Culture Shock: Runners get chaffed in some of the most uncomfy places (including their nipples). So medical volunteers also stand in the road handing out Popsicle sticks with wads of Vaseline on them. However some runners think it's Powerade gel? And well what should have been soothing their crotches winds up being chucked in their mouths and swallowed. Mmm petroleum jelly tasty
  4. Lunch: I am fat girl at heart. The old school brown bags lunches provided are complete with fruit chips and  deli sandwiches. And leftover lunches go with me to the office on Mondays!
  5. Pain in foreign Languages:  How do you say "Help, I'm in severe pain" in Spanish, Italian or French? Simple "Ouch!"While most injuries are sprains,exhaustion, and cramping every now and then you will get something gory. But the language of compassion and comfort is universal and ice packs work wonders too!  

Believe it or not these guys are Marathon runners.
 vision impaired runners compete
annually in the ING

The entire marathon is total Adrenaline rush for onlookers and volunteers who love to amp up the runners with energy.  Almost anyone can sign up to be a volunteer not just medical students. Besides, being a volunteer is a different experience from being an onlooker - and totally worth it.

Good Luck to my co-workers Mark and Roz - can't wait to see you two on Monday! You both are already winners to me!

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  1. It is a dream of mine to compete in a marathon!


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