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Oct 11, 2011

Aww Sh*t I Am The 99%

Did someone say available jobs? Run!!!

I ain't trying to be unemployed BUT....
just because I have a "job" now doesn't mean that I won't be standing on the unemployment line in 6 months! Who knows- with the way companies like mine for example have been laying off & outsourcing . And I'm not moving to India to get my job back.

Can you guess who she
is supposed to be?
...when you find out
can someone please tell me

So me and Trish used our lunch break to join the 99% at 59th and 5th ave for the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstration. At first glance there were more cameramen and news reporters than protesters elbowing their way through the crowd. But when the protest  finally got moving it was all about OWS. We marched alongside The Rude Mechanical Orchestra jamming down 5th ave headed towards Rupert Murdoch's penthouse and dodging the NYPD - who looked hungry for some protester blood. We marched to 66th st. then jetted back to the office.

I know I've talked trash about OWS in my last post - I admit it! But I'm broke dammit and I'm just getting "broker!" I don't know about you, but I live paycheck to paycheck like A LOT of folks in America. So whether you believe in the Occupy Wall Street Movement or not, just know that they are out there harassing millionaires at their homes for you broke America! That's right suckers you are the 99%. Yes I may end up on Telemundo, ABC, NBC or BBC - but if anyone asks; I was at my desk the entire time!

"This is the end result of these bankers overplaying their hand. They were already filthy rich. ..filthy rich wasn't rich enough! ...these are professional kleptomaniacs!" 

  - Michael Moore 

More cardboard! More Revolution!

Pimping herself out for honest work. This is what college graduates have been reduced to

You and me both chica!
Yes we are!

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