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Oct 10, 2011

Dance Dillusions of Grandeur

Image courtesy of the internet that allows me to unethically snatch photos.

Okay. So what I'm not a professional dancer. But every Tuesday I pretend be one @  Alvin Ailey dance studios on W 55th st in NYC.
The world renowned dance company opens their doors daily to washed up wanna-bees, and dancers alike! And for the low low price of $17 you can drop in and take a two hour class in all things from ballet and belly dancing, to hip hop.  But beware the place is littered with snooty "company" dancers and pre-madonnas with penises floating around the premises. But it all adds to the ambiance of being at a world renowned dance company.
I like Quenia Ribiero's Samba classes. She is a perky 5ft 2in powerhouse from Bahia who shows you how to "bust-a-mutha-f*ckin-move" Brazilian style.  And for you beginners with no self confidence, no worries - she will gently walk you through gyrating your hips without embarrassing you ( Unlike a certain afro-cuban instructor who's name shall not be named..  La Mora

And to all you grungy backpackers - sign your filthy ass up and join in! They have showers that I guarantee are cleaner than the ones @ your hostel. No gym clothes? No problem! If you don't mind dancing in your jeans, then we don't mind watching you dance in them!

I love this place. And because my self-diagnosed ADHD will not allow me to do controlled exercise at the gym alongside juiced out meatheads like normal people, this my freinds is the perfect alternative.

And to boot, the student showcases held in Manhattan's theater district make you feel like you have a second chance at a career that you'll never..ever, ever have. And that sh*t is chicken soup for the soul.

                                          Quenia Ribeiro's Alvin Ailey student showcase

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