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Oct 8, 2012

Cut The Crap View the Pics

I traverse these streets daily, and still cannot believe some the outrageous things I see.  Some of you may be asking yourselves, Where do you find these people?" The answer is, they find me.

Sometimes I just want grab tourists by their long lens cameras and say,  "This is not what New York is about!"  But proving it can be a challenge because these brights lights can blind just about anyone.

But if you see these people,  Do-Not-Pay-For-A-Photo!  Grab your daughters and tell them that this is what happens when you drop out of school to chase pipe dreams or to follow fledgling musicians.

Naked never looked so shocking
Move over Naked Cowboy, because Geriatric Cowgirl is gaining popularity. Some of you may be disgusted, while others may be intrigued. It's all in the details, and by that I mean the pasties! Who am I to judge I'm just sharing folks. Gawd I'd hate to see what's under those hearts.

Side bar>>>Is it me, or do these two ladies bare a striking resemblence

I really don't know what the fugg Arnold Schwarzenegro does. But he is always shirtless and doing it! When asked, "What is it that you do?" He smiled then flexed his pecs.  Guess that means he's for hire as a prostitute personal trainer?

Calvin Klein, the original loincloth of Native Americans. 

In addition to small pox and the bubonic plague, who knows what else the white settlers may have given the Native Americans.  I can't prove it, because I wasn't there, but I'm almost certain that tighty-whiteys and dress socks were not on that list...I'm jus'sayin

Fried, dyed, and laid to the Side.

James brown is rolling in his grave right now. Listen this look barely worked for the godgather of soul, and he was a super-fuggin-star.

The 70s' called and Jimi Hendrix wants his Easter suit back!
This is the reason why dress-down fridays are being revoked all over corporate America! Becasue some people take things to far. He spent all his money on a new suit and now he's spending all his time looking for a new job.


  1. #Naked never looked so shocking pic, no it's not just you, I TOO see an uncanny resembles between the ladies. MAYBE it was bring your daughter to work day! HA!

  2. Oh Dang! What part of the city do you travel too. And so freely. That would make a heck of a story to "Grandma, why was mommy in clothes and you weren't?"


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