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Sep 23, 2012

Move Or Get Mauled

Migration is logical - right?

Met this Senegalese vendor in Rome. He has been in Italy for over 3 years.

Globally, species are born, hard coded from buffalo to butterflies, to know that movement is detrimental to survival. They are driven to move in order to live. It makes them stronger if they survive and more prepared for the challenge of moving again.

They don't hem & haw over whether it's the right time, they simply follow instinct. Those who get mauled to death by predators, were caught still eating, still drinking or still resting - in short, stagnating and contemplating their next step and ran out of time.

The Bicycle guys of Manhattan are almost, always from other countries.

Like me, many of you are curious to know, what it would be like to travel the world? To migrate from the place you've always known to places you always dreamed of going, and possibly putting down some temporary roots. Take a year off and migrate.

Perhaps you have contemplated busting into your boss's office to have a Dave Chappelle moment.
Afterwards, you shore up your dirty back-pack nest egg, say goodbye to everybody who told you that you're outta your fugging mind and hop on the first thing smoking into the global grid - right?

Amadou, a Senegalese vendor, has been in New York for more than 8 years

You start your world tour on Khaosan Road in Thailand, ride elephants in Bali, dance your ass off  at Tomorrowland in Belgium, climb mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, smoke your cares away in Amsterdam at the Tulip festival. And finally when you barely have two nickels left to rub together, you return home with some exotic rash, a distaste for the use of deodorant and a blog full of memories.

Welp, here's something else you may have realized immediately after that genial thought occurred: What the fugg am I going to do when I get back. And who is going to hire a nonconformist defector?

Have an idea of what you want, once the globetrotting is through
or this could be you.
Don't let that stop you. You are not the first and you will never be the last. Besides if your current circumstance was satisfactory, then your basic instincts wouldn't instigate such a drastic change. Chances are, you are in danger of being mauled to death by the passing of time.

And upon your return - if you do return - perhaps you'll be unsure about what you want, but  absolutely certain that you'll break out in hives at the thought of returning to a desk job.
Here are a few careers where your nomadic skills and lack of deodorant make you prime candidates for certain companies. Also check out this link. Some of these careers may even send you back out into the world!

My Top Five picks
  1. Wine Importer - cultivate your palette then pimp your skills globally.
  2. Excursion programmer/Trip planner - Put together packages for places you've already been. 
  3. Freelance Travel Writer/Travel guide writer - Let the world in on what you have learned from your wanderlust
  4. English as a Second Language/ ESL Teacher - it's not as easy as it sounds. But getting certified to teach ESL can get your foot into many domestic & international doors.
  5. professional vagabond -  I'm not sure how you will get paid for this one, but if you figure it out, email me immediately!
Can you  suggest other careers or companies for returning global drifters?

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  1. As a professional vagabond all I would need to make it pay is a clean corner, a cup and a cardboard that says: THANKS FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY, ITS BEEN FUN BUT IM BROKE AND I NEED TO GET HOME, CAN YOU SPARE SOME CHANGE PLEASE? GOD BLESS!


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