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Oct 11, 2012

They See Me Rollin......

Summer is officially over, but that doesn't mean the end of outdoor activities.

Did you know that many New Yorkers never actually take advantage of the plethora of  activities in their own backyard? While many locals may be shaking their heads in disagreement. Just know I'm not talking about throwing away $300 on bottle service at some stuffy night club. I'm talking about real activities folks. And for a really good price.

So me and my PIC (partner in crime) Baby G, always comment that one day, we will rent bikes  from those guys who advertise on the corners of 59th & 6th ave. So that we can ride around New York's famous Central Park.

The guys at Sayat Bicycle rented us bikes with baskets, helmets and bike locks included.
Did I mention they posed for this pic?

With the help of discount coupons from Living Social.com, we were able to rent two bikes for two hours at grand total of $30USD, which is outrageously well-priced for anything New York! Don't worry if your are sans a coupon, because you can still negotiate the same price - just ask them.

 Central Park, now sprawls over 843 acres of green space, and it is a national historic landmark. Amongst it's many perks, it includes a zoo,  performance spaces, athletic fields, playgrounds, skating rinks, swimming pools, a carousel and of course the bike trail full of muscles spandex and skin skin skin!

The bike trail begins at 59th street and Columbus circle and extends beyond 110th street. The trail is semi challenging, but so very scenic.   Determined to get nowhere fast, me and Baby G, raced around the park like maniacs, knocking over runners, small children and having several  near death experiences with the oncoming traffic within the park. If you haven't been on a bike in a while getting reacquainted is more fun when the chances of mangling yourself are high!

Taking in the views. 
The price of  just one of those apartments overlooking the park could probably
subsidize the cost of educating a small country for several generations  

Beyond it's beauty, this park has history. Did you know that prior to Central Park's completion in 1873,  it was originally home to some 1600 people, mostly poor Irish and English residents, as well as freed African Americans living in makeshift villages
However, after declaring eminent domain over the space, in 1857, and evicting those folks, the city purchased the land for $5M. Sounds like a lot of money right? But consider the fact that a  humble penthouse in midtown can start at that price. So I'm  thinking $5M for 700 acres ain't bad for New York.  

We peddled past quite a few hansom carriages as they are plentiful in the park
...and expensive

In addition to that during the construction of the park, more than 18,500 cubic yards of  New Jersey topsoil had to be imported into the park because, New York soil wasn't fertile enough to nourish the floral and fauna that was also brought to the park.  So to all you New Yorkers who say you could NEVER live in New Jersey, surprise! You already do! and you're reveling in their shit soil with every park visit! Cheers!

At $30 for 30 minutes You can take a gondola ride around central park's  ponds 

So,  After Baby G and I got the spastic cycling out of our systems, we actually slowed down for the next hour or so to take in the views and travel of the beaten path.

You are not required to stay within the park so you can get adventurous.  Stop at the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History or heckle the people who unscrupulously make-out on the lawn.  Or perhaps you just want to crash a nearby bar for happy hour.  Go for it! They provide bike locks with the bike rental and helmets for all you derelicts who like to drink and bike! 

Happy Trails!

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