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Jan 24, 2012

Traveler's Rabies

Our view from The Empire State Building's 86th floor.
New York is amazing when it turns off the dark

There are thousands of  native New Yorkers that haven't been to many of the city's trademark destinations - no matter how close they live or work to them. So a coworker visiting from out of town  was the perfect excuse to do some sight seeing. And also because my next travel excursion is still months away this seems like a fine way to scathe off "Travel Bug Rabies"

  Oh that ish is real. perhaps you've had it too? If you're not sure please see below.  This is a real prognosis for an unspoken condition - which is why companies give vacation days. Because if they didn't - just think Apple, Foxconn, and mass suicide.

One contracts the virus by going on vacation and having the time of their lives. Once the victim returns traces of the virus remain in the victim's memory bank and camera often permanently altering their emotional state. Passport stamps can often identify how many times a victim has been infected.

symptoms are as follows:
  • Foaming at the mouth from the mere sight of an airplane.
  • Mental black outs to warm tropical places while seated in your cubicle at work
  •  Feelings of rage and envy upon encountering tourists 
  • Searching Kyak.com for ticket prices to places you imagine yourself going.  
  • Watching endless episodes of Anthony Bourdain globe trotting on The Travel Channel - and wanting to strangle that MuthaF%#! 
Now look at the pics while nurse my travel junkie itch

My crew braves the cold for a photo-op
promptly afterwards we went to BBQ's on 42cd st - the ultimate in tourist trap dining.

The Empire state building is located on 34th street.
The tours start @ $22

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