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Feb 2, 2012

Who's Got the Look

Many native New Yorkers are shocked to find out that I am not a Native New Yorker. They are even slightly repulsed, coiling back in disgust, to find out that I'm a "Suburban girl" - born & raised.

With that said I'm curious to know what people think your typical New Yorker looks like.
 If  New Yorkers can be so easily fooled  (however I am an excellent decoy)  Can we actually demystify all notions and concepts of "Who's got the look."
 Tourist are easy to spot. No matter how trendy or trashy they are from the neck down, the "Deer-caught-in-the-headlights" look is a dead giveaway, that you ain't from these parts.  But to the untrained eye, who is the Native New Yoker?

Micky Minaj
Not only is she a New Yorker but she's an NYU student, and a  painter and a rapper and  and entrepenuer and.... oh good lord 

What happens when Cornbeef & Curry goat make a baby?
Easy - you get a Jamaican in a kilt, claiming  Irish descent (least that's what he told me)...But those ashy knees? That's a cross cultural no no!
Only in NY

"I wish a sinner would test my holiness!"
Only thugged out  New York nuns would walk around Sodom and Gomorrah (aka the West Village) like it's nothing sohn - like it's nothin!

You Betta Wurk Bish!
Men that wear the cheap women's clothes that they sell, better than the the cheap women that they sell them to?
That's a New Yorker baby!

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