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Jan 6, 2012


I have to admit that I have considered blowing all that I deem a typical lifestyle to flee abroad with a dirty pack back in tow.  Am I insane &  the only one?

Have any of you seriously considered just up & leaving behind the only life you've ever known to start from scratch?  Where would you go and what would you do for money? Are there drawbacks to pursuing the expat life?  And of course it helps if you're unattached.

Certainly, the fact that I watch an unhealthy dose of House Hunters International fuels my delusions of dirty back pack grandeur. This show features people, who gone on a two week holiday to some exotic land and two years later *BOOM* they're buying a villa sprawled across acres of land which overlooks beaches or mountains on $60k USD or some ish.

$100K could get you this house in South Africa

I mean for $100k I could live HERE in a condo in the metro area of South Africa near the beach, with 2 bedrooms 2 baths and a garden patio. This seems surreal, considering what $100k would buy me New York (which would amount to squat. - not that I even have $100k).

My money would get me this in South Africa

....Then after  I "Pimp My Hut"
I'd be living in style on the Transkei Near Mandela

During a visit to Trinidad & Tobago, I met a German girl whose intention was to quit her job so that she could travel for a year. However when she gave her two weeks notice, they offered her a paid six month leave of absence. The company said that her travels would make her more "Worldly" and an asset to the company- Go figure?!  Three years later she left behind her life in Germany and relocated permanently to Tobago.  

But Germany may be on to something - In another instance, a former classmate (and German native) moved to Nairobi, Kenya to work for Ushahidi, after finsihing her studies in New York. Because she is still a student, Germany foots much of the cost of her international endeavors. 

The housing market is good in Nairobi, Kenya


 The question then becomes; who can do it and how? Aside from soliciting funds from strangers on Kick Starter or Indie Go Go, can you convince someone to pay you for Globe Trotting? And what would be your pitch? Here is mine:
Hi I'm looking for an opportunity that allows me to travel internationally year-round soaking up new experiences in food & cultural enrichment and whatnot - on your dime not mine!

Sounds like a gig on the Travel Channel right?  - but let's face it, those gigs are male dominated. Here's an idea; how about a trio of  New York girls of color on a Travel Channel show. They could venture to the 7 wonders of the the world. 

 A Black, a Hispanic and a Bi-racial girl walk into the Taj Mahal ....  sounds like the opening to a bad bar joke right......think about if it was a travel series!  Oh the possibilities.  Please feel free to use my random banter to fuel your own make believe cable series. and fill in your own fictitious characters. You'll find that the possibilities are endless!!!

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