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Nov 20, 2012

Celebrity Spotting's in the City

Oh New York for all the crazies you produce, every now and then you throw a girl a celebrity bone - or two! Check out these celebs spotted in New York City streets.

Who doesn't love an angry girl with pink hair! Personally I have no comment  on Nicki Minaj's American Idol rant on Mariah Carey.  I applaud anyone who wears lace front wigs all-the-time. I understand those things itch like the dickens!  Like wearing a wool thong.  And then they gave her not one but two American Music Awards.  Who says bad behavior isn't rewarded?

 Oprah was totally gracious signing dozens of autographs before hopping into her chauffeured Maybach and fleeing back to "Rich-beyond-belief Ville. It's no wonder you're worth billions you reciprocate the adoration poured on you by your fans.

I told her she was hot, she told me I dropped my sweater and then we went our separate ways.
 Kerry Washington was at GMA promoting her ABC series "Scandal" where she plays a professional problem solver.  Well if she hadn't told me that I dropped my sweater,  it would have been lost forever - problem solved! Damn she's good.

OK folks till next time.  Keep it lose and Keep it tight - whatever that means! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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